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Elet.CA Emerges as a Strong Competitor in the Protection Industry

In an exclusive feature for BodyArmorNews.com during Milipol Paris 2023, Mr. Luca Federico Cadura, the Managing Director of Elet.CA, discusses the practices and products of this Italian body and vehicle armor manufacturer, showcasing how it has emerged as a fierce competitor in the protection industry.

Craftsmanship as a Hallmark

Elet.CA is a small Italian company of only 40 employees that is based in the vicinity of Florence and is part of a high-profile Italian corporation named Marcegaglia. Characterized by a commitment to the artisanal, Elet.CA prides itself on being a “handcraft manufacturing company.”, in the words of Mr. Luca Federico Cadura. Rejecting the trend of excessive robotization, the company embraces an artisanal approach by hand-crafting its products.

Elet.CA’s Flagship Product: Corax

Elet.CA Corax Body Armor
Elet.CA Corax Body Armor

Elet.CA produces multiple body and vehicle armor products, but their most popular product by far is Corax. This is a level 3++ ballistic plate based on the use of innovative aluminium oxide (Al2O3) on the Strike Face. More than a mere hard armor plates, Corax challenges conventions with its flexibility, demonstrating the company’s dedication to providing “rifle protection and flexibility.”. Mr. Cadura describes the versatility of Corax, by explaining that it can be used as hard armor plate, complete vest or specialized armor protection for various body parts. Its adaptability extends even to military vehicles, where it can be customized and fixed with precision using Velcro or magnets.

Elet.CA Corax Vehicle Armor
Elet.CA Corax Vehicle Armor

Elet.CA is actively seeking lighter and more flexible solutions for high-level anti-stab protection. This strategic focus underscores the company’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving industry.

Elet.CA operates with an internalized approach and has a factory that handles all production aspects. They only outsource raw materials from top-tier brands within the market.

Global Presence and Elite Clientele

Elet.CA has clients in Germany and Sweden, but their primary clients include the Italian special forces and the US market. They work in the US through a distributor, Safe Life Defense, with which the company seems very pleased.

Sustainable Initiatives

In response to the escalating demand for environmentally conscious products, Elet.CA is exploring integrating recycled materials into its manufacturing processes. This caters to sustainability concerns and showcases the company’s forethought in adapting to changing market dynamics.

Body Armor for Women

Acknowledging the increasing female presence in the security sector, Elet.CA takes a progressive stance, producing soft armor tailored for women. They are also actively developing a comprehensive range of hard ballistic protection products specifically designed for female security professionals.

Elet.CA combines tradition with technology to redefine industry standards. The company’s commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability positions it as a strong competitor within the dynamic and competitive landscape of the protection industry.

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