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Dyneema® Will Be Used By Republic Of Korea Army For Multi-Purpose Body Armor Program

South Korea, 5 Aug 2014 – DSM Dyneema, the inventor and manufacturer of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMwPE) fiber, branded as Dyneema®, and world leader in life protection materials and high performance fibers, is proud to announce that Dyneema® will be used as the ballistic protection material of choice and key solution for enhanced lightweight armor for the Republic of Korea (South Korea) Army Multi-purpose Body Armor Program.

We are extremely pleased that Dyneema® will be a ballistic protection material of choice for both vests and inserts for the multi-purpose body armor program in South Korea

, said Nicole Ng, Marketing Manager, Life Protection Segment, Asia Pacific, at DSM Dyneema. “Dyneema® provides multiple benefits as a lighter weight and more durable solution that does not compromise ballistic protection compared to conventional materials. It allows modern military defense personnel to carry more equipment, operate with greater agility, speed and comfort for longer periods of time.”

The Multi-Purpose Body Armor Program is part of South Korea’s efforts in soldier modernization, seeking to equip defense personnel with lightweight armor that provides enhanced protection over a large area of the body, thus increasing protection and survivability.

This multi-year program will see the Republic of Korea Army equipped with bullet-resistant vests and insert panels that incorporate UHMwPE uni-directional material from DSM Dyneema, capable of protecting against a wide range of ballistic threats including fragments and rifle ammunitions. Production of the bullet-resistant vests and inserts will start this year.

Shitij Chabba, Global Segment Director, Life Protection at DSM Dyneema said: “The adoption of composite materials in general, and Dyneema® in particular, meets the needs for soldier modernization programs for life protection around the world, and the South Korean Multi-purpose Body Armor program is another testament to DSM Dyneema’s innovative success. With our expanded product portfolio and advanced innovation platform, DSM Dyneema continues to lead the market by offering our customers globally the opportunity to significantly reduce body armor weight while maintaining enhanced ballistic protection.”

He added: “In the region, through DSM Dyneema’s Asia Pacific Technical Center in Singapore, we are strongly committed to working closely with our Asia Pacific partners and customers to effectively drive innovative developments with Dyneema® to protect and save more lives – we are With You When It Matters.”

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