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Lubawa SA Introduces Innovative Drone-Defying Technology And Body Armor

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With a heritage spanning over 75 years, Lubawa SA, a Polish manufacturer of body armor and camouflage systems showcased its latest developments at Milipol Paris 2023. Among these developments there are drone-defying individual screens and highly modular ballistic vests. In an exclusive interview for BodyArmorNews.com, Mr. Przemyslaw Zasztowt, the Development and Controlling Director discussed the company’s history, practices and new products.

A Legacy of Excellence

High-visibility Ballistic Vests
High-visibility Ballistic Vests

Originally a state-owned company, Lubawa SA became a private family-owned company, with the advent of capitalism in Poland. At the moment, the company is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange Market. Its journey began with the production of military camouflage tents and later introduced a wide range of ballistic products. Being one of the oldest businesses in the protection industry in Poland, Lubawa SA has a long history of cooperation with the Polish army, police and anti-terrorist forces. These organizations were using some of its designs even 20-30 years ago. To this day, Lubawa SA’s main customers are Polish governmental agencies.

Advancements in Armor and Camouflage

Lubawa SA's new highly modular ballistic vest
Highly Modular Ballistic Vest

Lubawa SA offers a broad range of products, amongst which are military tents, pneumatic decoys, CBRN suits, tactical ballistic vests and concealed ballistic vests. However, Mr. Przemyslaw Zasztowt focused on introducing two new products.

Drone-defying individual screen
Drone-defying protection screen

The first one is a highly modular ballistic vest that offers the possibility of individual configuration for enhanced flexibility. The second is an individual protection screen designed to counter drone detection by concealing heat signatures. This advanced camouflage technology ensures operational effectiveness while seamlessly blending with the surroundings. Multiple individual screens can be coupled together to conceal entire operation centers.

Lubawa SA manufactures most products itself, but also has a broad portfolio of subcontractors and suppliers. The firm is also the head of a company group, and its daughter companies constitute most of its suppliers.

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Inclusivity in Defense

Lubawa takes into account the needs of women when producing body armor, considering that female officers constitute around 40% of the police force in Poland. The company manufactures and sells some designs tailored specifically for women. However, they also have a range of unisex products, simplifying production management, according to Mr. Przemyslaw Zasztowt.

Sustainable Practices

In the pursuit of sustainability, Lubawa SA emphasizes minimizing energy consumption in its production facilities and office centers. The company’s materials supplier, one of its daughter companies, prioritizes the use of recycled materials. Unfortunately, this is not always possible as there are limitations when it comes to multiple uses of the same material.

The Security Situation in Ukraine

Acknowledging the security situation in Ukraine, Mr. Przemyslaw Zasztowt says that Lubawa SA has donated some products to Ukraine, but he does not disclose what kind of products, due to confidentiality clauses. Despite these contributions, Lubawa SA maintains flexibility in production capacities to comply with customers’ requirements.

Shaping the future of responsible defense, Lubawa SA stands as a beacon of responsible innovation, with a focus on sustainability, inclusivity, and effective defense solutions.

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