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Busch PROtective: A Legacy of Protection and Innovation

Busch PROtective, a German company, keeps its position as a leader in the protective headgear industry. Mr. Shammass Khan, in charge of International Sales & Business Development, discussed the company’s new products and technology advancements in an exclusive interview at Enforce Tac 2024.

A short history

Busch PROtective, a German company founded in 1981 by Ergon Busch, initially specialized in motorcycle helmets before expanding into the ballistic headgear industry in the 1990s. Since then, the company has become synonymous with superior head protection, particularly in law enforcement and military circles worldwide. Under the leadership of Edwin Busch, Egon Busch’s son, since 2014, Busch PROtective has solidified its reputation as a trusted provider of tactical helmets, with a commitment to innovation and sustainability.

For over 40 years, Busch PROtective has earned the trust of elite organizations such as the United States Department of Justice, including the FBI, DEA, USMS, and ATF, who rely on the AMP-1 TP for superior head protection, aspect discussed in a previous interview the company had with us.

Diverse Product Portfolio

Busch PROtective CTM Mask
Busch PROtective CTM Mask

Busch PROtective’s product lineup spans a diverse range of tactical helmets, tailored to meet various operational needs. From helmets designed for close combat situations to anti-riot and patrol helmets, the company ensures that law enforcement professionals have access to optimal head protection in every scenario. Their commitment to innovation is evident in the design and features of their helmets.

Their flagship product, the AMP-1 TP, was predominantly designed for counter-terror teams. Considering its high protection level, it fits well with the high-risk scenarios those teams endure. It boasts VPAM level three certification and meets the rigorous ballistic standards set by the FBI and NIJ. Below you can watch a short video where Carl Lorio, Director of Business Development, discusses the AMP-1 TP and other helmets.

Busch PROtective MEP Attachment System
Busch PROtective MEP Attachment System

Busch PROtective recently introduced their new MEP attachment system and CTM mask. The MEP attachment system offers enhanced eye protection against fragmentation. It is compatible with any helmet, not only Busch PROtective helmets. The CTM mask provides additional protection for the face and neck during simulation training, enhancing modularity and versatility.


Patented Manufacturing Process

The company employs a strategic manufacturing approach, with operating plants in Germany and the Czech Republic. All products are made in-house, utilizing raw materials from top European suppliers. Mr. Shammass Khan refrains from providing us further details, as the production system is patented.

Sustainable Practices

To reduce environmental impact, the company offers refurbishment services for helmets, extending their lifespan and minimizing waste. The switch to paper-based packaging further underscores Busch PROtective’s commitment to eco-friendly practices.
As the needs of law enforcement and military professionals evolve, Busch PROtective continuously adapts to solutionize modern security threats. With a legacy of dedication to protecting those who serve on the front lines, Busch PROtective continues to be a leader in the ballistic headgear industry.

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