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Knives Out, No Problem: Brunnirok Protectionwear

Since the pandemic, the number of knife attacks in German train stations has doubled. According to police crime statistics, the year 2022 saw 8,160 such attacks in Germany. As knife attacks rise in Europe, civilians search for non-intrusive, reliable protection. At the recent GPEC in Leipzig, BodyArmorNews.com was in conversation with Nejo Nagis, one of the founders of Brunnirok Protectionwear. From neck warmers to multi-purpose jackets, the German-based company manufactures cut-resistant clothing that blends into everyday life. BodyArmorNews.com investigates: due to criminality or otherwise, how does Brunnirok address the demand for seamless armor in Europe?

Founded in 2018, Nejo Nagis found inspiration in the glass and steel industry: “I heard about this fabric worn by workers handling glass to not get cut injuries, then applied it to clothing for the security field […]”. Specially woven in Germany, Brunnirok’s fabric is a combination of aramid and glass fiber that is built under the cotton layer of a garment. While the clothing line may not stop a blade, it reduces impact to prevent a bad situation from becoming worse: “cut-resistant”. Manufactured wholly in Europe, Brunnirok’s products are CE marked and offer Level 5 cut protection.

As a variety of Brunnirok’s products are available on their webshop, with hoods starting at €24 and jackets going up to €300, Mr. Nagis explains that these are small prices against that of one’s life. Brunnirok appeals more and more to the civilian market:

Our target group is the government and police, but the private sector is expanding

says Nejo Nagis. At the same time, discussing the company’s greatest challenge, the founder points toward marketing: “Making people realize that they have an opportunity like this to protect themselves […]”. With a broad portfolio including flame retardant clothing, Brunnirok’s bestseller is a functional, “everything” jacket that repels water, wind, and cuts. These items are useful not only for off-duty police officers, but civilians too, all set to expand into the US market.

Nejo Nagis explains that safety can indeed be invisible. By mitigating the impact from sharp objects, the general public, and patrolling officers can be both comfortable and confident.

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