The crisis in Ukraine has gained worldwide attention in the recent weeks and people everywhere want to help. Body armor manufacturers worldwide are working overtime to cope with a rising demand for protective items such as body armor, helmets and hard armor plates. Many law enforcement organisations have also collected surplus ballistic vests to donate to Ukraine.

Body armor manufacturers

Body armor manufacturers are playing their part in protecting lives in Ukraine by donating numerous ballistic vests and other body armor for Ukraine. Companies such as MC Armor from Colombia, Spartan Armor Systems from Arizona and EnGarde in The Netherlands have been a part of this effort, along with many other manufacturers around the globe.

In an interview with a Latin American news agency, Miguel Caballero, CEO of MC Armor, addressed the question of whether his company profits from the war.  “I’m not part of the war. We don’t sell weapons, we don’t sell munitions, tanks. Our mission is to save the life of the human being,” Mr. Caballero said, firmly denying this statement, “MC Armor is in the business of protection and prevention.”

Todd Meeks, Company President of Spartan Armor Systems, also commented on this. “In Ukraine, I know they’re handing out AK-47s to civilians that haven’t had any training,” Mr. Meeks said. “At least with body armor you know, it’s just protection that you’re putting on and it’s going to be helpful no matter how you wear it.”

Law enforcement and civilians

Law enforcement agencies are one of the biggest sources of donations, since they cycle through vests at the end of manufacturers’ warranties. This means that the vests still have potential to protect a wearer and will be extremely helpful to the cause. Additionally, controls at airports on volunteers carrying body armor for Ukraine have been eased, making it easier to get these supplies to the people who need them.

Civilians who own body armor are also contributing to this effort by donating. Roger Anderson is one such civilian who dropped off his vest to a Vermont State Police Station. “I hope whoever gets it doesn’t ever need it,” Mr. Anderson said, in an interview with NECN. “But if they do, I wish them the best of luck.”

(Photo Courtesy of CDPS)


  1. Thanks for this informative and timely article! My son Paul is presently in Ukraine as part of the International Legion and coordinating supplies to the fighting fronts has been an evolving challenge. A particular urgency is body armor, which Paul has so far managed to acquire in small amounts from local Sheriff and Police Depts.; but he says that demand is exponential and he is searching for larger lots and means to get them into the country. Might you have any contacts or directions with which he can arrange these? Best regards, Eric Schwennesen


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