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BLACK230 New Advance Ballistic Finishing By Citterio

Fratelli Citterio is a world leading manufacturer of high-tech ballistic materials based on made in Italy technology. Fratelli Citterio is investing more than 10% of its turnover in R&D and since the early nineties has invented, developed, patented and produced technical materials for soft and hard armor.

Some of these materials are well known all over the world as some patents have been sold or licensed to international leading companies which sells globally the materials under their own brands.

BodyArmorNews.com had the opportunity to interview Mr. Walter Toscano, Business Development Director at Citterio to speak about the company as well as their newest product, the BLACK230.

Made in Italy Technology

Mr. Toscano added: “In our R&D we continuously strive to increase the performances of our materials and also to combine multiple features in order to achieve new best in class solutions offering higher protection level and simultaneously additional useful features.”

Just to give an idea of the expertise and know-how of Citterio in innovation, Mr. Toscano explained that 8 new proprietary made in Italy products have been launched in the last 6 years:

  • Vector
  • Saturn
  • Gemini
  • Elios
  • STG24
  • HTG22
  • Velvet
  • Black 230


The BLACK230

USA Patent:  US10,101,130
European Patent: EP3286371

Citterio knows the market very well and always tries to anticipate its needs or solve its key issues and exploit opportunities. One of the problems faced by helmet and ballistic plate manufacturers is finishing, painting and adhesion on UHMWPE structures.


Mr Toscano explained: “Black 230 is a new patented black textile structure developed and offered by Citterio that provides effective adhesion to many types of UHMWPE UDs and paints.”

Compatible with different matrixes of Polyolefin or Rubber, Black230 can be pressed together with PE structures with the advantage of having at once one or two black surfaces assuring a good adhesion in one step process so we can say that BLACK230 drastically reduces the finishing time.

Black230 is for sure lighter than polyurethane and provides also ballistic properties, so there is no parasitic weight on the solution which results in being lighter and with a higher protection performance.

Black 230 is having a great success in the market because combines multiples properties.

In other words, Black230 is an innovative prepreg ballistic finishing fabric – solvent free – suitable to easily finish UHMWPE based rigid structures (as inserts, panels, shields and helmets) drastically reducing finishing time and providing effective adhesion”.

BLACK230 panel on desk

For more information, please contact Mr. Walter Toscano (Business Development Director) at +39 (0)362 942020 and/or [email protected]


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