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Armour-Tech: Setting Industry Standards in the Hard Armor Industry

Armour-Tech is a hard armor and shields manufacturing company that was founded in France, in 2011 by Mr. Michel Bruns and his father. In an exclusive feature for BodyArmorNew.com at Milipol Paris 2023, Mr. Michel Bruns, the General Manager, provides insight into the company’s latest product innovations and operational practices.

Unwavering Commitment to Protection

Armour-Tech specializes in the production of high-quality hard armor products. They particularly excel in the conversion of PE materials, such as Dyneema, into hard armor plates and ballistic panels. With a diverse clientele spanning France, South-east Asia, the Netherlands, the USA, and Latin America, the company typically serves as an OEM provider to private manufacturing companies. However, in their home country, France, Armour-Tech directly supplies end products to special forces.

The company’s goals are centered around maintaining a prominent role in the ballistic shields business by innovating in the ergonomics and functionality departments. The company is actively exploring entry into the USA market and opportunities for more collaborations with police and military forces.

Innovative Products and Advanced Manufacturing

Armour-Tech Hard Armor
Armour-Tech Hard Armor

As a hard armor and shields producer Armour-Tech prides itself on the development of thin, lightweight multi-hit plates. Notably, their EP106, an NIJ level III thin PE plate weighing 870 grams, has gained significant popularity. Armour-Tech recently added an armor panel designed to stop M855A1 rounds to their product line.

Armour-Tech produces its own ballistic plates, panels, shields, and kits. The company outsources raw materials, primarily PE, and items like vests, plate carriers, and helmets. Armour-Tech also goes to another firm for stacking and cutting the raw materials they buy. After that Armour-Tech takes possession of the processed PE material again, which they press and mold in aluminum heated molds.

Through this process, the company produces ballistic shields and panels of different sizes. Their panels come in two sizes, 750 squared centimeters and two squared meters. Their shields reach the dimension of 24×48 inches. The next step entails gluing monolithic or hexagon ceramic tiles to the previously obtained panels and shields. The final stages regarding the production of panels involve injection molding, installing a handle, and possibly adding a transparent visor. The ballistic plates are finished with a touch of paint. Armour-Tech provides the finished products in the above-mentioned standardized sizes, or they can also customize them using water-jet cutting.

Embracing Sustainable Practices

Armour-Tech takes a conscious approach to business practices by sourcing raw materials from sustainable suppliers, who prioritize reduced energy consumption and carbon footprints. The company strategically selects suppliers geographically close to Armour-Tech’s factory to minimize environmental impact when transporting products. Armour-Tech also integrates recycled materials into its production process. Additionally, the company ensures a long-lasting lifespan for its products, of up to 25 years, resulting in less waste and less overall consumption of resources.

Empowering Women in the Security Industry

As a response to the increasing presence of women in the security industry, Armour-Tech has undertaken the development of specialized ballistic plates designed for women. These ballistic plates are available in four cup sizes, but the body sizing is customizable.

The mix of innovative technology, sustainable practices, and a proactive approach to emerging industry trends underscores Armour-Tech’s impact as a valuable member of the hard armor industry.

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