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Anorak: Protecting People and the Environment through Durable Garments

Anorak is a private-owned Greek company. It has been manufacturing protective clothing since 1975. It was founded by the parents of the current CEO, Dimitris Koskovos. The company has come a long way since then and has been producing body armor since 2008. Anorak’s mission is to provide individuals and professionals, with garments. Which not only protects them but also has a long lifetime. In this way, Anorak is contributing to protecting people and the environment.

In-House Production

Anorak buys raw materials and designs and cuts according to their own designs. The company keeps its production in-house and does not outsource. The reason for this is to have full control over the output and quality of the production. In-house production is a crucial aspect of Anorak’s manufacturing process. They can ensure the quality of their output and maintain flexibility towards their customers’ needs. This means that they can develop or supply their customers with customized solutions.
Outsourcing production can sometimes lead to a compromise in quality and difficulties in meeting customer demands. However, Anorak’s decision to keep their production in-house has allowed them to maintain their standards. This approach also enables them to keep their products sustainable. This way ensures they are long-lasting and not prone to waste after a couple of years of use.

Challenges and Commitment to Sustainability

Challenges always arise in business, and Anorak is no exception. The company has faced challenges from competitors, the market, and the COVID-19 situation. However, Anorak believes that in every challenge, there is an opportunity. The company tries to meet the demands that arise from each challenge.
Anorak’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its product design. The company produces long-lasting garments that do not need to be thrown away after a few years of use. This approach reduces the total volume of waste. Anorak’s products last for a long time and are not single-use. Which is beneficial to the environment.

Projects and Collaborations

Anorak has always been a company with projects and new ideas in mind. Yet, the CEO did not disclose any information about the company’s future projects during the interview. As a small to medium-sized company, Anorak is flexible in its production. It can develop or supply customers with customized solutions.
Anorak’s focus on quality, flexibility, and sustainability sets them apart in the manufacturing industry. They have established a level of control. Which allows them to produce garments that meet their customers’ needs and expectations.

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