Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officers Patrolling with Expired Body Armor

More than 20% of the hard armor plates used by Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officers nationwide are expired, leaving officers at risk during...
Elet.CA Corax Body Armor and Shield

Elet.CA Emerges as a Strong Competitor in the Protection Industry

In an exclusive feature for BodyArmorNews.com during Milipol Paris 2023, Mr. Luca Federico Cadura, the Managing Director of Elet.CA, discusses the practices and products...


Ukraine Approves Second Design of Female Body Armor

In a significant step towards enhancing the safety and effectiveness of female soldiers in Ukraine's Armed Forces, the Defense Ministry has recently approved the...

BodyArmorNews.com Expands Media Partnerships in Asia: Welcoming Aeromart Hyderabad and KADEX...

BodyArmorNews.com is thrilled to announce its expanding media partnerships with two prominent events in Asia: Aeromart Hyderabad and KADEX. Already fostering collaborations with prestigious...



Dyneema® and Point Blank Deliver 1 Million Alpha Elite® Armor Systems...

Dyneema®, owned by Avient Corporation, a leading provider of specialty and sustainable material solutions, and Point  Blank Enterprises, the global  leader in the development,...

Lighter, Stronger, Greener: Dyneema®’s Next-Gen Ballistic Material Marks a Milestone in...

The annual Industry Day At The Range, held at the Boulder Rifle & Pistol Club range just outside Las Vegas, has long been a...


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Tactical Body Armor | © BodyArmorNews.com
Tactical Body Armor | © BodyArmorNews.com

Unfortunately, the threats faced by those in protective roles have also increased over the years. Hundreds of thousands of individuals, such as police officers, soldiers, security guards, journalists, firefighters, EMS personnel, and even K-9 dogs, must wear ballistic

Body Armor Testing
Body Armor Testing | © BodyArmorNews.com

vests as part of their daily routines. Consequently, testing standards have improved, ensuring that users can rely on their vests to meet the level of threat they are likely to encounter. It is now common knowledge that vests must be replaced every five to ten years to ensure they continue to provide the rated level of protection.

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