Armoring the Future: Cooneen Group’s Revolutionary Military Body Armor

Since its establishment five decades ago as a children's clothing supplier, Cooneen Group has evolved into a key player in military clothing and ballistic...

UK Police Introduce Gender-Specific Body Armour Providing Enhanced Protection and Comfort

In a groundbreaking development for UK policing, standard issue body armour has been revamped with gender-specific designs, offering increased protection without compromising on wearing...


Innovative Women’s Body Armor Unveiled in Kyiv

In a display of innovation and gender-specific protection, Kyiv played host to the unveiling tactical body armor designed exclusively for women. This revolutionary development...

Empowering Europe’s Elite Forces with Kavro TAC-II (FR): A Revolutionary Ballistic...

Europe's body armour and personal protection market is projected to exceed US$700 million by 2031. Major contributors to regional spending are Russia, the UK,...



DSM Dyneema's sustainability goals

Green Tech Start-up Revolutionizes Military Body Armor Recycling to Reduce Emissions...

In a significant stride toward sustainability in defense practices, London-based green tech start-up Uplift360 has developed an innovative process to recycle end-of-life body armor...
CES Composites

CES Composites: Innovating Aerospace and Defense Composites

In a recent interview with Karl Nielsen, the Business Development and Sales Lead at CES Composites, we learned about the company's background, goals, and...


Bulletproof Vests

34 Things People Didn’t Know About Bulletproof Vests

Bulletproof vests are a vital piece of equipment for police officers, but there's more to them than meets the eye. In this article, we...
police bullet proof vest old bulletproof vest

Police Body Armor Is Not A Luxury Item

They're getting by with a little help from their friends – in Trenton. Police departments in Verona and Cedar Grove are set to receive about...



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