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Revolutionizing Military Equipment Storage: The WOBIG Portable Gear Stand

In an exclusive interview with Tim Wobig and Marc Lurie on BodyArmorNews.com, the cofounders discuss their firm, WOBIG, an American company dedicated to developing cutting-edge military accessories aimed at enhancing the morale, well-being, and comfort of service members. The focal point of the discussion is the remarkable WOBIG Portable Gear Stand, conceived by Tim Wobig himself.

The WOBIG Portable Gear Stand: What It Is and What to Expect from It

The WOBIG Portable Gear Stand - Folded
The WOBIG Portable Gear Stand – Folded | © WOBIG

The stand is a foldable, lightweight gear stand made to keep armor, weapons and other gear clean, dry, and at the ready. Although designed for the needs of service members, law enforcement has quickly adopted it as well.
Weighing just over two pounds, similar to a bottle of water, WOBIG is highly portable and folds into a cylinder for storage that fits easily into a rucksack or go bag. This makes it an ideal accessory for military personnel, law enforcement officers, athletes, and recreational enthusiasts.

Despite its lightweight design, the stand supports over 75 pounds of gear—and the three legs have zero wobble even when fully loaded and deployed. This makes it a reliable and sturdy option for hanging body armor, helmets, and other equipment.

The arms and legs are made from glass-filled nylon, a lightweight material used by the auto industry to replace steel. The spine is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, which is first polished and then anodized black to maintain light discipline. Vacuum-plated stainless steel fixturing keeps everything tight with millimetric precision.

Built to withstand the rigors of nature, the WOBIG stand incorporates oversized gears to chew through sand, dirt, and mud. WOBIG’s strength and ruggedness matches an emphasis on maintaining sound discipline—the entire unit remains absolutely quiet no matter how much you shake it.

Help from the U.S. Naval Academy in the Design

The WOBIG Portable Gear Stand
The WOBIG Portable Gear Stand | © WOBIG

Tim Wobig is a military veteran with an impressive 23-year career spanning both the Marines and the Army. He conceived the idea for the WOBIG Portable Gear Stand during his second deployment in Afghanistan. His inspiration was born out of the need for a convenient and portable solution to address the constant struggle of finding a suitable place for storing body armor and other equipment.
After Tim and Marc met through a mutual acquaintance and established WOBIG, they started collaborating with the faculty at the US Naval Academy for the creation of the WOBIG Portable Gear Stand. They dedicated two and a half years to refining and testing multiple prototypes to ensure optimum performance.

WOBIG designs everything in-house, from the stand’s elements to the cardboard packaging. Despite being a small company, WOBIG partners with a large contract manufacturer for the production and assembly of the stand.

Symbol of Dedication and Innovation

The WOBIG Portable Gear Stand is more than just a piece of equipment. It is a testament to the dedication of Tim Wobig, a veteran who understands the challenges faced by the military. The stand represents a symbol of innovation, practicality, and commitment to enhancing the morale and well-being of those who serve.

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