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Securing Asia 2012 Will See Over 600 Suppliers And Buyers Come Together In London

The market for service providers in Homeland Security has become one of the largest business opportunities in recent times. The Washington Post in 2010 estimated ‘The Homeland Security business opportunities over the next decade in India alone are in excess of $1 trillion’. For Asia overall that assessment can easily be tripled. As the driver of the world economy, Asia has new and complex security requirements, which bring with them fresh challenges, as well as fresh opportunities.

Asian Homeland Security is a current and imperative issue being discussed globally by governments, academics and business communities alike. This exclusive 3 day Summit, hosted in London, will offer attendees a unique insight into the varied needs and challenges faced by the Indian Subcontinent, Russia and Central Asian states, the Gulf and Middle East, and South East and East Asia, in the area of homeland security and counter terrorism. It will address their individual and distinct mind-sets and cultural/political and commercial concerns, and place them within a global perspective.

Asia is emerging as the centre for growth in the 21st century and in its wake this brings disparity, as the underdeveloped world progresses into a developed economy. This requires a huge transition in the homeland security space, from mere policing through to law enforcement and counter terror operations.

Securing Asia 2012 will see over 600 suppliers and buyers come together to participate in a high level Conference and Exhibition with bespoke matchmaking opportunities and facilitated one-to-one meetings, dedicated to connecting Western Security technology providers with senior Government representatives, industry, consultants and distributors from across Asia.

The event will serve as the meeting ground for innovative technologies and some of the world’s leading security experts. With a focus towards the tough and demanding Asian market, this Summit will give an in-depth insight into the current situation and emerging security needs of Asian countries. Understanding the procurement process is key to doing successful business in this nascent market, and will be a key theme of Securing Asia 2012.

Procurement in the Asian Homeland Security sector can be complex, often involving a labyrinth of fragmented federal and provincial agencies split across police, paramilitary, government, private and public infrastructure stakeholder groups. Therefore Securing Asia 2012 will host various provincial and federal agencies from across Asia concerned with homeland security in order to clarify the process and assist in an understanding of legally and ethically compliant practices.

In all areas, political, academic and commercial, Securing Asia will provide an arena for a comprehensive expert dissection of Asia’s Homeland Security and Counter Terror challenges, needs, and opportunities in the new age.

About Securing Asia

Securing Asia 2012 is a first of its kind initiative. A unique opportunity for the Asian Security sector to interact in a neutral forum with Western solution providers of all sizes from prime contractors to SMEs, Securing Asia 2012 will host Government delegates, renowned academics and leading businessmen for a unique three day intelligence, technology and trade Summit.

Venue: Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London

Dates: 25th -27th June 2012

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