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Path Clearing For Armor Export

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The U.S. State Department has issued an International Traffic in Arms Regulations registrant code to Bourque Industries, a maker of armor systems.

“Receiving ITAR certification will allow Bourque Industries to bring our American-manufactured innovations to U.S.-supported nations,” said John M. Bourque, founder and chief executive officer of the Arizona company.

“Foreign interest in Terminator armor has been strong and after final certification we will be able to fully engage these opportunities.”

Bourque’s Terminator Armor Systems include personal body armor and protective material for aircraft and vehicles. The armor is made with Kryron-based technology, an alloying process that results in increased strength of metals by altering their material characteristics and giving the materials non-reactive properties.

Bourque Industries holds all U.S. patents for the process.

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In tests for the U.S. military and law enforcement agencies, Bourque’s Kryron-based inserts for body armor successfully stopped .50-caliber bullets.

Bourque Industries said the State Department registrant code was issued this month.

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