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eYe Body Armor Introduces Lightweight Bullet Proof Vest For Use In Hot Climates

The long-range weather experts at the U.S. National Weather Service do not all agree on the specific details of the weather this summer, but they all concede that the world will continue to see more extreme weather and weather events in 2012.

The La Nina event dominating global weather this year is one of the most extreme in 100 years. Depending on where you live, that could translate into extreme heat and drought in the southeastern portion of the United States to extreme flooding from the western coast of South America to Australia. Wherever you may live, you can expect it to be noticeably hotter this summer.

For soldiers, law enforcement, and private security who have to spend the summer months in body armor and bulletproof vests the idea of suffering through another sweltering summer in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Africa is less than welcome news. Some of the old style bullet proof vests weigh as much as 11 kilograms (25 pounds); the added weight and lack of air circulation just makes the heat all the more oppressive.

While there is currently no way to change the weather, there are much better options for lightweight, breathable body armor and bulletproof vests. Companies like eYe body armor are fielding concealable bulletproof vests and tactical body armor that are both lighter and cooler.

eYe Body Armor’s EYECON line of concealable bulletproof vests start with ballistic panels made of Dyneema , designed to provide better protection at lower weight. Dyneema panels provide superior ballistic protection, yet are so light they actually float. Utilizing the new style ballistic panels, the EYECON concealable bulletproof vest weighs in at just 1.75 kg, or just under four pounds. Combined with a moisture-wicking inner shell made from Coolmax , the new style vests from eYe are both cool and comfortable. Besides the EYECON concealable models in black, the company also makes the vest in white for wear under lighter colored clothing.

In conflict zones and military applications eYe body armor puts the same technology to work in their EYETAC Tactical Series, providing Level IV ballistic protection for applications in military and law enforcement. Made with the same super strong and light weight Dyneema ballistic panels, the EYETAC series also has front and back pouches for hard armor panels.

Another component of tactical armor is the helmet. eYe body armor offers EYE-MICH and EYE-PASGT tactical helmets offer a superior field of view and advanced ergonomic engineering to ensure both superior protection and comfortable wear, even in the heat.

The superior protection of the EYETAC Tactical Series weighs in at a thrifty 8.3 kg (18.4 pounds) and has the same ergonomic design that make the EYECON series so comfortable to wear for extended periods in hot climates.

Don’t expect the weather to cool off any time soon, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer in heavy tactical gear. With companies like eYe body armor manufacturing a new generation of lighter, stronger bulletproof vests, you can stay cool even in the summer.

Based in Seoul, South Korea, eYe body armor manufacturing facilities are located in Europe and all products are rigorously tested to the highest NIJ standards of ballistic protection.

Website: http://www.eyebodyarmor.com

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