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DSM Dyneema Successfully Resolves Patent Infringement In United Kingdom

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DSM Dyneema Successfully Solves Patent Infringement In UK

DSM Dyneema fiber has announced that it has successfully concluded its patent infringement dispute with Miclin Ltd. and J&D Wilkie Ltd. (Kirriemuir/UK), trading under the Jack Ellis brand. The case, which was brought before the Patents Court of the High Court in London, resulted in a settlement, details of which were not made public.

The DSM Dyneema patent dispute with the Jack Ellis parent company – Miclin Ltd., until the company was acquired by J&D Wilkie Ltd. – centered on an alleged infringement of a DSM Dyneema patent on polyethylene (PE) based pressed products, patent number EP 0833742B2. Polyethylene based pressed products are used in several applications such as panels for vehicle armouring and protective inserts for vests, as used by military and law enforcement officers to stop high-energy rifle rounds.

According to DSM Dyneema President Gerard de Reuver, the dispute has been settled to DSM Dyneema’s satisfaction. “We are very pleased with the outcome of this action. DSM Dyneema as innovator protects its inventions through intellectual property rights. We cannot accept misuse of these rights. We therefore are highly vigilant in identifying activities that could threaten DSM Dyneema’s drive to innovate and to deliver value to our business partners who benefit from these innovations.”

Mr de Reuver added: “The UK market is of importance to DSM Dyneema. UK based companies have worked for many years with Dyneema® solutions, both for the local market and export into Europe and beyond.”

The DSM Dyneema patent portfolio consists of well over 100 inventions protected by over 500 filed patents.

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