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C.P.E. Production Oy Displays New Plate Carrier At Milipol Paris 2021

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C.P.E. (Combat Protective Equipment) Production Oy is a Finnish body armor manufacturer that manufactures bulletproof vests, ballistic training equipment and riot control equipment. The company has two factories, one in Forssa, Finland and other in the Czech Republic.

At Milipol Paris 2021, BodyArmorNews.com visited the company’s stand and interviewed Mr. Nestori Nurmi, Sales Manager at C.P.E. to learn more about the company and its products.

From ice hockey to body armor

“Our mission is to provide the best available combination of materials and make the best possible products for our customers,” Mr. Nurmi stated the mission of the company. “Our company began 20 years ago, making ice hockey equipment in Finland, where ice hockey is quite popular.

“Later, they shut down the ice hockey equipment factory after our CEO met with a Norwegian officer from the army. They started the company as it is now when they began the manufacture of different kinds of protective equipment.”

DSM Dyneema

The company uses a range of ballistic materials depending on the market and the standards they are required to meet. One of the materials they use the most is DSM Dyneema. When asked if C.P.E. use the biodegradable Dyneema, Mr. Nurmi had the following response:

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“We do not use it much yet but we are very interested and we are testing it. We look forward to finding sustainable solutions. DSM is very important for us since they are making really good materials, so we need to figure out how to incorporate these materials into our products.”

The new plate carrier system

“We just made a new plate carrier system that is fresh out of the box,” Mr. Nurmi introduced C.P.E.’s newest products. “The version we have displayed is our sixth prototype and it’s finally ready for the market. It has extremely good ballistic protection inside and the textile has been tested by the most elite professionals.”

C.P.E’s products

C.P.E. offers three types of protective equipment, ballistic equipment, riot equipment and training equipment.

In the manufacture of ballistic equipment, the company’s motto is to “defeat tomorrow’s threat before it arrives.” Their soft ballistic solutions are divided into four main groups: Silver, Diamond, Black Diamond and Platina. Their Diamond lines are very light in weight and thin while Platina is one of the most flexible IIIA solutions in the market.

At the moment, C.P.E.’s ballistic protection sector is their most popular one. Their range of products include concealed vests, tactical vests, ballistic blankets, ballistic plates, bulletproof helmets and stab & spike solutions.

C.P.E. is also a leading supplier of high quality riot protective gear. The equipment is lightweight and simple to put on, while providing protection against kicks, blows, and the impact of clubs. Their range of riot solutions include protective suits, gloves, riot shields and helmets, as well as protection for horses and dogs.

The company’s training equipment sector is their smallest one. C.P.E.’s line of solutions is made for realistic training where the crime happens, not only for soft in-door training.

Their range of training solutions include training suits, strike pads, training batons and training weapons.

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