A new, ultra-light weight trauma plate for use in law enforcement body armor will be marketed beginning early next year by Bourque Industries of Arizona.

The product — Terminator Ultralight – and weighs 12.96 ounces and comes in multiple sizes: 10-by-12 inch, 6-by-9 inch, 5-by-8 inch and 4-by-8 inch. It offers protection against high-powered pistols, such as the .44 Magnum at a distance of 8t feet as well as multi-impact protection against .357 and 9mm ammunition.

“Our new Terminator Ultralight body armor provides today’s law enforcement officer with the best of both worlds,” said John M. Bourque, founder and chief executive officer of Bourque Industries.

“They get enhanced ballistic protection, up to .44 Magnum, even without additional armor protection in a package that weighs less than 13 ounces for ultimate all-day wearability and comfort.”

The trauma plate is based on a patented Kryron technology. Bourque, which holds the patent, said the process “alters the material characteristics of common metals, increasing strength” and other properties.