TUCSON, Nov. 3 (UPI) — New alloy body armor by Bourque Industries has surpassed industry ballistic standards in testing at the National Institute of Justice’s Oregon Ballistics Laboratory.

Bourque said its Level III, stand-alone Kryron Terminator Armor System became the first armor in NIJ testing to defeat all six 7.62×51 FMJ NATO rounds within the 44mm back face deformation standards.

The system repeated the performance on all four Level III armor plates tested. Additionally, one of the panels was tested backward and stopped all six bullets within the standard back face deformation.

“With these testing results officially on the record, the discussion about multi-impact body armor is now over,” said John M. Bourque, the inventor of Kryron Terminator Armor and the chief executive officer of Bourque Industries.

“It is simply unacceptable to allow our men and women in uniform who protect our children and families to wear armor that is actually designed to fail after only two bullets when Kryron Terminator Armor is readily available and is guaranteed not to quit when our police officers need it most.”


Kryron Terminator Armor also provides additional advantages over current body armor. It eliminates ricochet and spall because Kryron armor works by catching bullets instead of shattering and deflecting them.

The Kryron Terminator Armor Level III stand-alone system is undergoing the standard inspection portion of the NIJ testing protocol. After the standard review period of 30-90 days, the armor will be certified and be able to be purchased by law enforcement agencies using federal grant funds.

The Level III stand-alone system is available for purchase immediately for all other military and law enforcement customers.