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BodyArmorNews.com Welcomes Industry Veterans as Guest Writers

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BodyArmorNews.com is thrilled to announce the addition of three distinguished industry veterans to its team of Guest Writers. These individuals bring a wealth of expertise and experience, contributing significantly to the platform’s commitment to delivering high-quality content and enhancing its editorial capabilities.

Jake Ganor: The Innovator in Body Armor Design

Jake Ganor, renowned chemist, ballistic researcher, and owner of Adept Armor, has earned the moniker “The Nikola Tesla of body armor.” His materials science and engineering firm specializes in cutting-edge anti-ballistic armor systems. Ganor is not only a scientist but also a prolific writer, having authored the book Body Armor: and Light Ballistic Armor Materials and Systems.

Ganor recently shared his insights through three compelling articles that provided a recap of the 2023 Personal Armour Systems Symposium in Dresden, Germany. His deep understanding of materials and passion for innovation make his contributions invaluable to the BodyArmorNews.com audience.

Mike Bundy: A Leader Dedicated to Saving Lives

Mike Bundy, Founder and CEO of IntelAlytic, brings over 25 years of experience in logistics, public safety, and defense manufacturing. His leadership at HighCom Armor Solutions, Inc., a global leader in body armor and personal protective equipment, resulted in remarkable growth and achievements. Bundy’s commitment to saving lives is rooted in a family history of military and law enforcement service.

At IntelAlytic, Bundy aims to provide strategic support to defense industry clients, streamlining processes, and offering insights for long-term sustainable growth. His recent articles on BodyArmorNews.com, including “Bulletproof Integrity: Upholding Trust in Body Armor Labels and Origins” and “Mastering ITAR in the Body Armor Industry: Insights from an Industry Insider,” showcase his expertise and dedication to the industry.

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Iwan Luiten: Co-Founder of EnGarde, a Global Player in Body Armor

Iwan Luiten, co-founder of EnGarde, a prominent body armor manufacturer established in 2003, has played a pivotal role in the company’s growth. Based in the Netherlands, EnGarde has become a major player in the body armor industry, serving thousands of clients worldwide, including government agencies, organizations, and prominent companies.

EnGarde’s success can be attributed to its commitment to quality and innovation. Luiten’s recent affiliation with BodyArmorNews.com promises to bring forth valuable insights from a manufacturer’s perspective, offering a unique viewpoint on the global body armor landscape.

Strengthening Editorial Excellence

The addition of Jake Ganor, Mike Bundy, and Iwan Luiten as Guest Writers reinforces BodyArmorNews.com’s dedication to delivering comprehensive and authoritative content. Their combined knowledge spanning materials science, industry leadership, and manufacturing provides readers with a well-rounded understanding of the dynamic world of body armor.

As BodyArmorNews.com continues to evolve as a leading source of information in the field, these industry veterans will undoubtedly play a vital role in shaping the platform’s content and contributing to its mission of keeping readers informed about the latest advancements and challenges in the body armor industry.

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