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Bra Sizes Of Female Detroit Cops Mistakenly Emailed To All Police Officers

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Bra Sizes Of Female Detroit Cops Mistakenly Emailed

A man’s bullet proof vest looks the same as a woman’s body armor on the outside.

Of course, the woman’s is contoured to fit her curves, reports WJBK.

However, when several female officers with the Detroit Police Department provided their height, weight and bra cup sizes, they never imagined a good portion of the rank-and-file at DPD would see it.

Police sources said about three weeks ago, Commander Dwayne Love was asked to notify the officers that their bullet proof vests were ready to be picked up. So he forwarded an email to the commanders, who then forwarded it to the supervisors, who then forwarded it to the officers.

White claimed Love didn’t know the weight, height and bra cup sizes of the women were included on the attached Excel spreadsheet until it was too late.

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“Conscientious, very hard working command officer. However, it’s an embarrassing situation, and I’m going to be addressing the issue formally with him over the next couple weeks,” White said.

Once we complete our investigation, there will be corrective action.

“We have learned several female officers, who say they have faced ridicule from fellow officers, with the help of their union are filing two grievances against the department and one complaint with EOC. Even if Love made an innocent mistake, the damage they feel has already been done.

White said on Thursday he and Chief Craig plan to meet with the female officers impacted by this to apologize and assure them that it will never happen again.

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