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Gunnery Sgt. Shawn M. Dempsey, a 33-year-old platoon commander hailing from Jersey City, New Jersey, and assigned to Weapons Company, 2nd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment, recently experienced a life-altering incident. While participating in a security cordon around a city council building in the Al Anbar province, Dempsey was struck in the back by a 7.62 mm insurgent’s bullet. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the critical importance of Marines consistently wearing their personal protective equipment.

In the challenging theater of operations in Afghanistan, the International Security Assistance Task Force (ISAF) shoulders the primary responsibility of creating a safe and secure environment to facilitate the reconstruction of vital components. ISAF plays a pivotal role in supporting various organizations, including UN agencies, international entities, and non-governmental organizations, enabling them to carry out their tasks with enhanced safety and efficiency.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) assumed command of ISAF, a multinational coalition bolstered by the support of more than 37 nations, boasting over 31,000 troops. Despite concerted efforts to improve conditions, ISAF personnel continue to face considerable risks in the hostile Afghan environment. Recognizing these challenges, ISAF recently sought to enhance the protective gear for its ground personnel, with an uncompromising focus on quality.

EnGarde, a rapidly growing and highly reputable manufacturer of protective gear, successfully secured the contract and supplied ISAF with their advanced lightweight bulletproof vests. The decision to opt for EnGarde’s body armor was based on the imperative need for vests that are lightweight, dependable, and comfortable. The reasoning behind this choice was clear: protective gear is only effective if it is consistently worn. Inconvenience should never be a deterrent to its use.

EnGarde vests feature panels constructed from an advanced material called Dyneema®, a super-strong polyethylene fiber offering exceptional strength with minimal weight. Dyneema® is known to be at least 15 times stronger than high-quality steel and up to 40% stronger than Aramid fibers, such as Kevlar. Additionally, these vests are equipped with 3D curved hard armor inserts capable of withstanding multiple hits from automatic rifle fire. The combination of comfort and outstanding ballistic properties has made EnGarde vests highly sought after and in great demand.

We do regularly supply press teams which are going into Afghanistan but we are very proud that an international body such as ISAF chooses for our vests for the protection of their personnel,

says Edgar Stek, international sales manager of EnGarde. EnGarde body armor is rapidly expanding on an international level. The company’s headquarters are based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and serves clients worldwide providing state-of-the-art body armor products.

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