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Azerbaijan To Produce Body Armor

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Azerbaijan is to produce helmets

and body armour under licence from NP Aerospace Jordan.

NP Aerospace Jordan Managing Director Nabil Issa told APAthat preparations had been completed and details were being hammered out by the company and Azerbaijani Ministry of the Defence Industry. The Azerbaijani side now has to finish design work and begin production.

NP Aerospace Jordan signed a contract with Azerbaijan’s Ministry of the Defence Industry in the Jordanian capital Amman in May 2010, licensing them to produce helmets and body armour for 10 years.

Nabil Issa said that the goods would be produced to meet US National Institute of Justice standards, which also meet NATO standards. The helmets and body armour provide a high degree of protection.

Issa said that all the raw materials would be provided in Azerbaijan and the finished products might well be exported.

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He told APA that projects to armour vehicles might be considered in future.

NP Aerospace Jordan is a joint venture between the King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau and NP Aerospace Ltd of Coventry in the UK.

Istiqlal sniper rifle to be listed by Jane’s
Azerbaijan’s IST 14.5 (Istiqlal) anti-materiel sniper rifle is to be included in Jane’s Information Group’s world weapons catalogue.

Jane’s recorded the technical characteristics and other necessary information at the International Defence Exhibition, IDEX 2011, in Abu Dhabi last week.

Defence Industry Minister Yaver Jamalov told APA that the Istiqlal is Azerbaijan’s first national weapon: “Research shows that this weapon is unique. There is a similar weapon in the Republic of South Africa, but its shooting range is 2,000 metres. The IST 14.5 rifle can annihilate any target at 2,500 metres.”

Azerbaijan is continuing to build up its army and defence industry. It discussed a variety of deals with Turkish, Pakistani and other manufacturers at IDEX-2011.

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