HomeMan Stabs Himself to Death When Testing Out “Stab-Proof Vest”

Man Stabs Himself to Death When Testing Out “Stab-Proof Vest”

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Man Dies When Testing Out “Stab-Proof Vest”

An unbelievable tragedy occurred when Jordan Easton, a 22-year-old English man killed himself testing a “stab-proof vest” he was wearing. The vest was obviously not stab-proof. The wound he inflicted to his chest was severe enough to cause his death later at a local hospital.

Easton was bragging to friends that he had put on a vest capable of protecting him against a knife attack. He was in a friend’s kitchen when he decided to demonstrate the strength of his supposed stab-proof vest.

“He grabbed a knife to prove it was stab-proof body armor and soon realized it wasn’t,” the coroner said in court. After investigating the incident, local law enforcement concluded that the chest wound was self-inflicted. No arrests have been made in the case.

As would be expected, Easton’s family cannot comprehend how anything like this could ever have happened. His mother told the police that she “couldn’t believe that Jordon would deliberately do something like that.” Going on to say, “it wasn’t in his makeup” to be so careless. The coroner determined that the death resulted from “misadventure,” which means it was accidental.

No information has been released on what type of garment Easton was wearing when the incident happened. Why he was so certain that a knife could not penetrate the garment he was wearing has not been revealed. Stab-proof vests do exist, but everyday people do not usually wear them. Investigators have been tight lipped about where Easton got the idea that his vest would protect him.

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This is something you should ever test out yourself. Do not risk it, even if you’ve been told a vest will protect you. If you feel compelled to find out for sure, take the garment off first and place it on the ground. You can now stab or fire a gun at it and see whether it does protect against the threat.

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