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Donation Helps ESD Buy Body Armor For EMS Personnel

The many men and women who provide care to the public in the role of public servants and first responders oftentimes do so at the risk of their own safety.

For many years, law enforcement have been equipped with life-saving body armor, to minimize injuries and prevent death from those who may wish to do them harm.

In today’s ever-changing world, it has become increasingly dangerous for not only law enforcement, but for those who are there to provide medical and lifesaving assistance to the community, such as firefighters and EMS personnel, who have increasingly found themselves threatened while providing or attempting to provide assistance to those in need.

In an ideal world, providing EMS and fire department personnel with body armor would be a simple step to continue the uninterrupted level of care required in the field. While some EMS and fire departments have begun this step — to equip their field personnel with body armor — it comes at a high cost for those organizations.

Moving from no current protection to the complete outfitting required presents a budgetary challenge that most smaller towns are simply not able to sustain. Fortunately for Gonzales County Emergency Services District 1 (GCESD 1) EMS, the generosity of a very kind-hearted and generous community member has provided this much-needed assistance.

This individual, Mrs. Rudy Alexander, came forward with a very significant donation of $75,000 to be used towards the purchase of protective vests and other safety-related equipment necessary in the ongoing protection of EMS personnel.

“I want to do something meaningful to help the fine EMS folks who serve Gonzales County. I hope this will help keep them safe as they do their jobs helping others,” Alexander said.

On a daily basis, as these EMS lifesavers go about their duties, they will be able to provide care while being cared for by the care of the community via this donation.

“This is a totally unsolicited and unexpected boost to our EMS program and the well-being of our personnel. We are grateful beyond words for this most thoughtful, meaningful gift. We have been researching how to better provide for the safety of our men and women. The timing of this gift could not have been better,” said Executive Director and EMS Chief Eddie Callender.

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