TUCSON, July 15 (UPI) — New Kryron body armor by Bourque Industries defeated several .50-caliber armor-piercing rounds in tests for an unidentified U.S. military agency.

The Arizona company said the tests were conducted at an unspecified military location this week with senior military officials in attendance.

Bourque said it demonstrated increased protection over previous test results for its Kryron Terminator personal ballistic armor line and exceptional multi-impact capability.

In the tests a Terminator Fat Boy plate was shot multiple times with .50-caliber AP ammunition and .30-caliber AP ammunition, then reversed and shot with the same caliber rounds again with no penetration, ricochet, shatter or spall.

In addition, a Terminator Thin Line plate sustained several dozen rounds of 9mm machine gun fire at exceptionally close range with no penetration, ricochet, shatter or spall.

All results were achieved with weight savings over the industry-standard personal protection armor plates.

Bourque also demonstrated proof-of-concept for industry-leading, multi-impact and lightweight armor protection for land-based U.S. military tactical vehicles and U.S. military aircraft.

“This is the most important testing day Bourque Industries has had, as now all doubt about Kryron’s capability should finally be laid to rest,” said John M. Bourque, inventor of Kryron and founder of Bourque Industries. “It is clear that Kryron is the best ballistic armor material on the market today, and the clear choice to protect America’s warfighters on land, in the air, and on the seas.”

Kryron is a state-of-the-art proprietary aluminum alloy material for ballistic armor plates.