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BAE Systems Removes Body Armor Models With Dyneema SB61 From NIJ Body Armor List

BAE Systems Removes Body Armor Models With Dyneema SB61

Upon request, certain bullet-resistant body armor models produced by BAE Systems Products Group have been removed from NIJ body armor list and database.

At the request of BAE Systems Products Group (BAE), the following models of bullet-resistant body armor have been removed from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) list of body armor models found to comply with the NIJ 2005 Interim Requirements for Bullet-Resistant Body Armor, found at www.justnet.org.

The affected models are as follows:
– American Body Armor, LLC: FZ-II.0; FZ-IIIA.0; XF-2-0 and XF3A-2
– Safariland Armorwear, LLC: CAM-II.0 and PX-IIIA.1
– Protech Tactical, LLC: PT-701; PTZ-701; PT-702; PTX-703; PT-705.0 and PTZ-705.0

Dyneema® SB61 can show reduction in performance

According to BAE, these models contain DSM Dyneema® SB61 bullet-resistant laminated material (Dyneema SB61). BAE has notified NIJ and the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center (NLECTC) that it has ceased sale and delivery of armor models that contain Dyneema SB61, in a precautionary response to a notification to BAE from DSM Dyneema LLC (DSM) that DSM has ceased production and sale of Dyneema SB61, based on a DSM decision “made in an abundance of caution after [DSM’s] continued product testing raised concerns that certain mechanical wear conditions might result in some reduction in performance over the long-term life” of Dyneema SB61.

Please note that according to BAE, the models CAM 11.0, PTZ-701, PTZ-702.1, PTX-703, PTZ-705.0, XF2-0, and XF3A-2 have not been sold.

If you, or your agency, have purchased any of the models listed above, please contact BAE Customer Service at (800) 347-1200 to obtain further information. BAE has informed NIJ and NLECTC that BAE is implementing a program to recover the affected models from the field.

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