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AR500 Armor and Rhino Metals Issue Recalls Over Body Armor and Handgun Safe Problems

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The Consumer Product Safety Commission recently announced consumers need to stop the immediate use of their body and handgun safes.

According to the federal agency, a bullet can still penetrate the Level III Body Amor, leading to the wearer’s injury or death. The Bighorn P-20 handgun security safes has no combination, meaning children and other folks can easily open the device.

There have been no incidents of injuries reported in regards to the either safes or armor.

AR500 Issues Body Armor Recall

From February to March 2016, approximately 10,000 AR500 Armor Level III had been sold to consumers through AR500 Armor dealers or on the website for a price range of $30 to $110. The recall affects the steel-core, black-colored body armor including its side plates, chest plats and ABS panels that offer protection against various types of rifle calibers like the .308 Winchester.

AR500 said the recall came after a supplier finally divulged information that some of its certified ballistic grade steel was ineffective in certain ballistic tests, but only after the body armor had been distributed and sold.

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In order to find out if consumers have an affected model (even though AR500 has identified most of the consumers and notified them of the incident), consumers need to look for the manufacture date on the back side of the body armor plate.

AR500 Armor has asked consumers to call toll-free (844-887-8824) or email ([email protected]) to get instructions on how to get a replacement body armor device.

Upon attaining the new body armor device, consumers are asked to return the affected plates based on the instructions provided in the box. When the recalled plates have been received, consumers will get a $40 web store credit to use on future purchases.

AR500 Armor, based on Phoenix, Az., has been in business since 2012 after launch of its own Ballistic Armor and Body Armor line. The company’s goal is to ensure the industry gets reliable, top-quality manufactured products that can be used by law enforcement, the military and even civilians in the U.S.

Rhino Metals Issues Handgun Safes Recall

400 of the Bighorn metal handgun safes are also being recalled. These safes are a four-button, back-lit electronic key paid and a blue Bighorn Logo. It has a weight of 15 pounds and is 10.5 inches deep and 3.25 inches wide. The affected model have a series number range of 1412160001 through 1412163000, which can be found on the sticker on the safes’ right-hand side.

They’ve been on the market for about a year with a price tag of around $75 (March 2015 to March 2016). Retailers who sold these safes are: Dean Safes, Coastal Farm & Ranch, Canyon Sports and High Nobile Safe Co.

In order for consumers to get a total refund of their purchase price on the safe, Rhino Metals ask they visit the website rhinosafe.com and hit the Recall Information link. Or, call them at 800-701-9128 ext. 5844 or email them at [email protected]).

Rhino Metals, Inc., based in Caldwell, Idaho, is a manufacturing company founded in 1995 that manufacturers high-quality meal parts used in various products around the world.

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